Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Am The Walrus, Cuckoo-Ka-Choo

A Night Out In KL

after a very long night, we ended up at sky bar. The view was simply magnificent! we're going there for my birthday or something~ ha ha
Shot this when we were at a red light

Amazing view, no?

Siti, Hot Stuff

There's a swimming pool smack in the middle! felt like jumping into it!

Its kinda funny, 3 days before exams, i was so determined to study my butt of, but in the end temptation struck. but did not regret it! =)

Across The Universe

Bloody brilliant movie! addicted to its soundtrack! grrr, each time the comp is on, its either "hey jude" or "dear prudence" or "strawberry field forever" or u get my point =)
Its a love story set in the year ---- (haha i forgot wat year) its a musical based on the Beatles music. I don't really listen to them, but their music is really good actually.

My Chemical Romance

this sunday, prepare to be rocked by them! gahh its annoying to see them all over papers, radio and tv! its killing the mood..... but no matter what, i still can't wait to see them!
After years of waiting for them to come........
Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance both in the same year?

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