Friday, December 14, 2007

Let Me Take You There


im not gonna ramble about how sucky my papers was, but instead, im gonna ramble about the GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD,


i was fortunate enough to be able to go to their concert =)

i went with siti, a fellow mcr worshipper, and we arrived at the stadium at 4.30 pm eventhough the gates open at 6.30 pm ><>
Sadly, we didnt get to the front in time, for now....
And by the time we actually got a good view, One Buck Shot had finished playing! i'm like whoa! i like where this is going! Pop Shuvit came out on stage around 10 minutes later? and they started jamming! considering i'v had to wait longer before, i was really happy that things are moving fast! which means : MCR is coming out soon! I was really impressed by both the bands, they were really really good! Pop Shuvit performed and that was it. i was like: WAS THAT REALLY IT? IS MCR COMING OUT SOON? OMG! *HYPERVENTILATE*
We actually had to wait quite awhile, i can't tell how long it was. I didnt bother looking at my watch because it'll just make me anxious even more! then, FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY ARRAGAGGAGHARGAGRGA!!! they came out.
Gerard Way is so beautiful. Ray Toro is so fuzzy. Mikey Way is amazingly hot and Frank Iero is effing hot! they started of the concert with "This Is How I Disappear" and i was just completely awe struck! Gerard was working the stage! When he sings, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! like the world is finally right. I couldn't stop staring him. He was just so amazing.

Gerard Way

Frank Iero

They performed songs from the latest album including Mama, I Don't Love You, Disenchanted, House Of Wolves, The Black Parade and Teenagers. And Thankfully, some from the previous albums: Helena, I'm Not Ok, Give 'Em Hell and more. At one point, i had no idea what they were performing. I just zoned out because i just can't believe i was there. i didnt know the lyrics, but i sang out words that does not make sense! i just absolutely can't believe i'm here!

Ray Toro. He did a jawdropping solo on his guitar

One of the highlights from me, is when they performed Cancer. I became so overwhelmed. This song hit home i tell you. When im listening this song at home, i already get all emo. But to see them perform live infront of you, was even more amazing. (This song reminds me of my mum =() I was holding back tears. I kept myself strong man. BE STRONG SARA BE STRONG! dah la the lightings everything was so freaking emo! they performed it so well. sigh. SUMORE IT WAS RAINING! aiseh, emo moment there.

AND OMG, I SWEAR AT ONE POINT GERARD WAS LOOKING AT ME! (PFFFTTT, that's wat i wanna believe anyway, screw it) sigh, his dreamy eyes just sings to to you. You can't help but be captured by this spell that he has cast upon us. " I love being in this band" he said. and so do i gerard, so do i.

Mikey Way

They ended the night with Famous Last Word! where at one point i actually called Luc so he can hear them play too! i held up the phone in the air and hopefully he heard he's fav song from MCR! (kesian he missed cuz he had to study!) When they said goodbye, i was reluctant to believe that the show is over. Time flew by SO FAST! when i was in the line before, it was SO SLOW! cis!

SITI GOT THE SET LIST!!! so jealous!

after the show, we tried to sneak around the stadium hoping we would bump into them. We waited at the back entrance of the stadium (one of the guys working there tipped us). We waited there for nearly an hour! LOL! i had that tiny hope that they will drive out from the entrance, step out of the car and sign my poster. wishful thinking sara, wishful thinking. SADLY, didnt happen.

Hahah i sempat take this, we were at the back alley and lighting was interesting

It still hasn't hit me that I was at the concert, watchin my favourite band perform. It still hasnt hit me. wat the hell is wrong with me? im pretty happy with the pictures that i took too! ok so its not that awesome, but try taking pics when ur being crushed by thousands of people behind you >< ( i almost got the front when some chick pushed me away!)

the rain did not stop us from having the time of our life. MCR, the one band i'v been waiting for ages to come by. i was lucky enough that they decided to stop by malaysia for a show. im pretty much really happy now =)

*I didnt even bother to take the drummer's picture because Bob Bryar wasnt there. One of the band's closes friends was filling in from him.

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