Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Morning Baltimore!

Yesterday, me carmen and denise went to play bowling! gosh its been awhile since i'v played. it reminded me how much i used to love playing bowling. i still do, but its starting to die out because I don't play it as often as i used too. sigh.

Today, i went to watch Atonement with naz and luc. its such a great movie! you need to watch this movie. Its a love story only theres not much love-story in it. there was betrayal and such and i dont wanna spoil it. the beginning was really good, but it got i tiny bit laggy in-between. so if u don't fancy slow movies, then i suggest you don't watch it.

and oh, there's a hottie in it too. James McAvoy


yeapppp dats the guy who played Mr Tumnus in Narnia!

(LOL, who would have thought?)

I was messing around photoshop. I thought of doing something with guns (random, no?) then i remembered Fall Out Boy's song, My heart is the worst kind of weapon. score!

Tell me what you guys thing about it please? Luc said there was something wrong with the heart so i changed it. and then now, im kinda happy about it, but not as happy as i should be.

made another one, from the leftovers, which one do u like better? tell me k!

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