Monday, December 31, 2007

Can You Feel It?

the past few days have been quite exhausting. my grandparents threw a bbq last night. a few days before that i was busy preparing wit my cousin and aunt (my granpa put me incharge) shopping for stuff and marinating and chopping and cutting. at one point everyone got so frustrated with everyone and everything! argh! finally last night, it happened. the fire took an hour to get started, and then the bbqing started and everything. the food turned out real good. we was nice cuz it was just the family, we had dinner outside at the porch. there was tons of food: fettucine (i made it!), potato salad, chicken, beef, garlic bread and sausages. i think i got a tiny bit tooo excited cuz i just grabbed everything and started chewing on everything. ganas, so very ganas. i got full really fast because of that. in the end, i didnt end up eating much. aiseh. i was already freaking tired by the end of the bbq.

it was 10, i called carmen quickly and found out i still had time to join them. as tired as i am, i quickly rushed home to change and went straight to carmen's house. weeee i had time to joined them! i was pretty annoyed that the bbq kept changing dates and it ended fallin on the same day as carmen's birthday. thankfully i was able to join them! phew.

we went to laundry and had drinks (non-alcoholic for me thank you). we just stayed and chatted. it was SO GOOD to see everyone again and just catchin up, even though it was hard to hear everyone throught the loud music but it was all good.

went back to camen's place to cut the cake (a very yummy-delicious-evil-chocolate cake, which i took seconds and thirds and erm, fourth?) hahaha. then we changed and slept. well kinda. me and shiat stayed up later for a chat. we were just talking about crappy stuff. it was really fun to see her again and catch up with her! argh! at 4.30 we still couldnt sleep so we decided to disturb carmen in her room, but she locked her door. aiseh. so we just went back to the room and chat summore until we fell asleep around 5.30? hahaha

it was an amazingly fun night. eventhough i had both the bbq and birthday celebration on the same night, tired as hell, i enjoyed my butt off! =)



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