Saturday, December 8, 2007

Run Me Over With A Car

darn, i got tagged by Luci. oh well, since i'v got plenty of time in my hands, WHY NOT?

How am I gonna spend my day with my love one?

- a picnic at the park
- moonlight walks on the beach
- or sitting at the balcony, watching the ocean (i love doing that)
- watching movies at home
- take a drive at night. wherever the roads leads us too
- OOO photoshoot! he'll be the model ofcourse or both of us (whichever ><)
- baking! brownies and cakess~
- Lay a blanket on the floor, switch off the lights, hang up the disco ball (for effect) and and then, put on our favourite music real loud and just plain old lay there and listenin to music and just talk! (hahahaha what were u thinking?)
- if he plays an instrument, i'd love to see him play/jam
- stone all day long~
- we'd be going shopping ofcourse
- exploring new places to eat! trying out delicious mouth watering food
- exchange the most lamest jokes on earth!
e.g: *lets just say my loved one is this random guy called, i dunno kimi?*

sara: knock knock
kimi: who's there?
sara: cows go
kimi: cows go who?
sara: cows don't go who, cows go MOO!
sara and kimi: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

LOL YEAH LAME. anywayss... that's kindaa all i can think off right now...

ahhhh, i can already here him going:

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