Thursday, November 29, 2007

She Wants It

Yesterday we went and celebrate isabelle's birthday at the curve!

started out the day at ikea. we were craving for meatballs or atleast I was... and then turns out they weren't serving any!! IM LIKE NO WAY! cis... i ate the salmon instead and so did isabelle whilst charissa ate sausagess... i was actually looking forward to the dessert, IKEA'S CHOCOLATE DAIM CAKE!

its the awesomest cake i tell you! *droolssssss*

After a really good meal, we went shopping! i bought a dress and a pair of jeans (Finally!!!!) and now, im broke =( but i got new jeans!

they found hats, pretty hats.

The christmas decoration was up, so we decided to camwhore!

we took a break from camwhoring for Big Apple's doughnuts! FINALLY my first time trying them.. 2 words YUM-MY! okay so maybe one... but who cares man! its Big Apple!!!

sigh, the last bites of our doughnuts

then we continued camwhoring..

yeah im too lazy to post them up cuz we took tons of them! hahaha

and then we just decided to end the day, as our legs was about to fall off!

hope u had fun babe, and again,



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