Monday, November 26, 2007

The Mixed Tape

Hi! or as they say in italian Ciao!

its kinda funny cuz here we say ciao as goodbye, but in italy they say ciao for both hello and goodbyes! so u just never know whether they're saying hello OR goodbye to you! sigh, so confusing!

i miss italy... i want a t-shirt like this... for some apparent reason, to show my love for italy? i dont wanna get into italy now, nanti emo..

but it would be kinda cool to have that t-shirt

anyways, i was washing my car a few days back and then i had the urge to take photos of the kinda clean car. but i got distracted from them and started taking pics of my lawn full with overgrown weeds and such. Here are some of the shots that i got:

I found a bug, or is it a moth?

and this hairy thing, which kinda looks cool-ish

and then i found this beautiful bug, its colour was just so contrasting with the background

*notice my very-just-cleaned-car?*

I'v got tons of songs to listen too! i think i'v got like 10 albums?! luci was kind enough to burn tegan and sara songs for me since i lost the ones he sent to me (yeah a whole album!) impossible no? he added a few other albums in it: Cinematics, Gorillaz, Maroon 5 to name a few. Charissa gave me like 4 albums, 3 of which is from Jamiroquai, and am still trying to listen to all of them! lol! and John Mayer's continuum, which i have fallen in love with <3>

The assignments season is over! FINALLY! its been such a hectic-omg-im-dying week, glad that's over.. and now FINAL's season is starting next week.. but hopefully i can manage all three papers =) i'm trying out this thing called "being optimistic" i hope that works for me. if not, i'v been screwed! 3rd, 4th and 14th december are just days i'v got to get through!! *cough* (hinting australia people when im free for yum cha =D)

hope to see u guys soon! <3

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