Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ello chaps!

first and foremost, i apologize for the lack of updates.

recently, my careless and stupidness caused me to almost lose something close to my heart, my laptop. *yes im being overly dramatic* i dropped my laptop and broke the screen. I was just walking to my bed with it in my hand, it somehow *magically* fell out my arms onto the hardwood floor. the sound of it crashing on the floor still rings in my hears. *still being overly dramatic*

I was apart from it for more than a week. In that week, i realized how much i rely on my laptop. I love it so much, but i depend on it too much.. I couldnt upload photos from my camera, no photoshop, no music, i was going crazy i tell u. Though the cost of repairing it came as a shock to me, broke my heart too, but i was glad nothing else was broken, but just the screen. PHEW. I will be extra careful everytime i handle u, my dear laptop.

Anyways, i got tag by charissa! wee my first tag!

8 Points my perfect partner should have:

1. He has to be funny

i admit, im a sucker for funny guys. But i dont want him to be funny to the extent of irritating! he just has to know when to make me laugh and when to stop. Lame or not, as long as he can make me laugh when i need laughter in my life, im good!

2. He has to love music

Im a music fan. Can't really live without music actually. So he has to love music as well, cuz then he would be really annoyed when i put on My Chemical Romance or Michael Buble in the car. If he can't appreciate music as i do, the door is that way, dude.

Bonus points if he plays an instrument!

3. He has to be patient

I can be very un-patient sometimes, to the extent of annoyance. I can't help it, im trying to be patient though! anyways back to my perfect guy, he should atleast be able to tolerate my moments of impatientness. I know its hard, but if he is able to do so, um..... amazing!

4. He is able to make me feel special

Yeah! i wanna feel special too okay! its not often that i feel special in the world to today. Atleast make me feel that i'm wanted in this world. It'll bo good to feel that way once in awhile. Specially coming from my perfect man, makes it extra special!

5. He has to be able to trust me

I dont want to be with someone who wants to know where I am 24/7. he should be able to trust what i say and what i do. he has to be able to trust me hanging around other guys. cuz if he doesnt trust me, then that would suck. Plus, I too would wanna be with someone who i can trust.
6. He has to be accepted by my family and friends

As long as both my family and friends approve, then im good. He should also be able to feel comfortable around them and likewise. I dont wanna have a guy who my family and friends hate. It'll just be plain uncomfortable!

7. He has to be smart

yeap! i dont want a dumb guy, seriously. If he is too blur to notice that im sad, then he's dumb. If he is to dumb to know when to shut up, then his just plain stupid.

but as long as he's stupid enough to fall for me, then i'm good! =D lol!

8. He loves me for who I am, and I love him for who he is

speaks for itself.


but we all know who my perfect partner is...

lets keep dreaming now shall we?

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