Monday, October 22, 2007



i can't believe kimi won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! it was a miracle i tell u! A MIRACLE!

I almost missed the race actually.. i was too sick to even watch tv! so as i lay on the bed with the laptop infront of me, i decided to watch or atleast read the commentary on the race with the live timing..

when i saw kimi was number one and hamilton was basically 7th, i couldnt believe my eyes!!! HOLY MOLY! the clouds has opened up and the sun is shining! hamilton cannot, i repeat cannot win! 1st he is a rookie, 2nd his ego is the size of a football field! hmmm make that two football field!

after that i just decided to watch the race on tv, it was around 10 mins until the race ended.. i should atleast take the effort to watch my future husband win his first championship! *cough*


im soo HAPPY he won it! he absolutely deserved it! all his hardwork paid off... he won by a one point lead against alonso and hamilton..

BUT, i heard that mclaren would be appealing the results of the Sunday's race to the FIA.. if anything wrong, they would strip away the title from kimi and hand it over to hamilton..

i'm like WTF?


dah kalah, kalah la! kacau betul!

so now kimi will have to wait for days, or weeks or even months for the REAL results! he is the world champion, for now.... mclaren is delaying the appeal, because they're still thinking if they should go on with it *stupid*... they're trying to mentally torture us man...

dear mclaren,

you lost. deal with it. your golden boy screwed up BIG TIME.

now go home and cry.

and we'll see you next year! and beat ur arse again!


p/s: u guys are stinky sore losers tau tak.

boohooo hammie wants his bottle now papa!

im so mean... but u mess with kimi, YOU MESS WITH ME!

anyways, its so exciting to watch kimi celebrate.


i wish i could be there and give him a bear hug and celebrate with him.... sigh..

i hope the appeal does not get through man... cuz that would stink!

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Luc said...

gila.. GANAZ! hahaha