Friday, October 5, 2007

Move over Kimi.

Props to charissa and her art work on the toilet paper.

WOW, this has been the FIRST hectic week i have ever had since i'v started this semester!

Monday : A surprise assginment in class. *lecturer failed to mention this earlier
status: unprepared & panic

Tuesday: 12.01am, Karen " we have an assignment due 2moro la babe" Sara " SERIOUSLY?" -i didnt go to one class on monday, and i missed out the assignment part. cis
status: unprepared AND annoyed

Wednesday: Media Writing Quiz.
Status: Ok ok prepared only

Thursay: Leadership and Life Skills Midterm Paper.
Status: im cool, i can do it

Friday: Deco for Halloween. this was fun, so it was cool...

SO YEAH... i tot it was pretty hectic... i slept at 4am almost everyday ><

but one thing that made my week was when me and charissa decided to celebrate our end of the hectic week by catching a movie..

The movie is amazing. i enjoyed it so much. and yes,
I am SO in love with ZAC EFRON! omg he is soooooo freaking amazingly HOT
he makes me melt man! when he does that look.....i made a vow last time not to turn into one of those obssessed-diehardfan-teenagers who falls for some teenage celebrity hottie... but in this case, I DONT REALLY CARE!


even charissa agrees that he is amazingly hot kay!

so like, i googled him..and i hit jackpot
what can i say, im in love.

btw siti, we're gonna go watch it together cuz like i want too and i know u want too... if u tak nak, i emo and go watch alone! =/
ANYWAYS SARA, after the movie we did some shopping as well. =D it was a great day, it felt REAL good after all that late night studying and assignment-ing
I ended the week by helping out with the Halloween decorations.. today, we painted Freddy.. some scary-monstery guy,it was pretty fun.. but painting the skin was amazingly annoying! couldnt get the colours right la, this and that la! OMG, i went crazy man.i think all of us pretty much went crazy after that..
and sorry ISABELLE, for making it harder.. i know la im not the most best painter in the world..but like i tried babe!

here's the end result.. scary, no?

That thing is HUGE

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