Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mooncake Festival

HAH! finally finished gandhi! >< tralalalal~

anyways, it was the Mooncake Festival a few days back.. I only found out it was the festival when i heard firecrackers going off the whole night! what sucks is that this year neither carmen nor denise was here to go to the field with! we would usually go every year and play with the lanterns.. Light up candles wherever there is space.. more like re-lighting it over and over again each time the wind blew XD we would be jumping each time a firecracker went off, curse and then get back to lighting the candles! hahaha it was really fun la... too bad this year we couldnt go!

but then kan, the field has an on-going construction la.. they repainting stuff and building stuff.. i hope they just dont make the field uglier, cuz i love that place... its soo pretty and its where we'd take our evening walks and gossip about things =D

i dug up old folders and found like old old pics when we were at the field for the festival! the picture quality is sooo bad mind you.. what can i say? cameraphone in the dark is not a good combination!

I love that lantern. It was pretty!

OMG i was so proud when we finish that figure-8 shape! it looked so amazingly beautiful! *de in blue*

weeee carmen!~ haha we even lit up the tree with candles! *with caution, ofcourse ;)

old school!

aiseh, its times like this when i miss u guys! come back soon tau! =)

i heard denise went to visit sue mae at melbourne! so jealoussss!!!

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