Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bittersweet Tuesday

hmmpphh... woke up at 7am and went over to carmen's house to see her off =/
sucks like shit! i remembered the time when i went to De's house to see her off! im like doing it AGAIN. no more buddies to go to the field with, play badminton with, have lunch at the abandoned atria. so depressing. I feel like im being overly dramatic, cuz i feel so abandoned all of a sudden. But like obviously u guys are coming back sooner or later! right? ><

anyways! i met up with sha-lene there and then we were just loitering around her room, trying to lift her very heavy handcarry bag. sha-lene was in pain after that, like for serious. Thank god i was fine, but sha-lene was not so lucky. i wonder how carmen will lug that huge heavy bag all around! respect babe. b4 carmen left, sempat only take picture with her. ><

and then she was off. =(

i went back after that, slept for an hour and then got ready for college. college sucked for some reason that day. =s no mood perhaps.

on a lighter note, it was Daley's birthday! so the whole college group went out for steamboat. it was really good to see everyone again. when uni started, everyone seems to be doing their own thing kinda thing.


Birthday boy Daley!




Lynnete and I


the college group

*missing a few people though*

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