Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Morning SunSHINE!

if u guys didnt know, im a fan of Formula 1. Last weekend, Ferrari took home the 1st and 2nd place. It was a much needed win for them for a shot at the championship! they're sooo close!aaaahhhh sweeet sweeeett victory! u guys have no idea how happy i was when they won!

but jeeezzz sara, why formula 1?


omg his sooo amazingly hot! theres always a reason for me to like some sports, no? hey, i'v even got his picture plastered on my wall kay!

there he is! its good to wake up to kimi every mornin!
isabelle, Mr Bunny sends his love*

but his not only eye candy, his a GREAT driver! like seriously. he had such a tough time before, in mclaren, he would be winning races, and the next thing u know it, his car would be breaking down or there would always be something wrong with his car! its so frustrating! i remember once, he was leading the race, it was the last lap, so close to the finish line, and his car broke down.......... sakit hati tau!

now in ferrari, he has the chance to show off his talent! wooo! even though theres tough competition from some rookie.... but his gonna make it! his destined for greatness i tell you.....
His eyes just pierce through your soul.

isn't he just the cutest thing ever?

schumacher: omg, he thinks his like soo cool or something.
*haha i love this photo*

This week is going by SO fast i tell you. I can't believe its already thursday! just 3 weeks left for the fasting month! be strong sara, be strong!

OH, i tried makng brownies today. It turns out, i accidently used a cup of salt instead of a cup of sugar. LIKE OMG RIGHT? it was SO SALTY! ew! how would i know it was salt? it looked lik e sugar!! and the packet of salt was placed exactlyy where the sugar has always been! dah la puasa, i can't just taste the thing right? until buka puasa only did i find out that i used salt instead of sugar............ it was soo horrible, i was like soo excited to eat the brownie! in the end, i couldnt eat it at all! =(

i sooo can't wait for the weekends!

have a great day! =)

hahaha i sempat made this just now

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