Monday, September 24, 2007

Gandhi, Meet Travis

oh my goooood, im going crazy over Mahatma Gandhi.. I have a book review on him due this thursday! and i'v just gotten to the half way point of this 464 page book!! arghhh! its interesting yea, but its sooo longgg and draggy!
theres so many terms and names such as: Sir Pherozeshah, Babu Bhupendranath Basu or or Vanrnadharma =s all these terms and names is confusing me, and im going crazy over it!! ARGHAHAHAHHA!!! everytime i start readin, i'd be all pening, like literally.
But osh gosh begosh!
i don't know how im gonna finish the book in time and have a 5 page book review in 2 days.... mmmphhhhhh =s
quizzes midterms and assignments are all pilling up... =(

made this when i was going crazy over Travis
I really hope love will come through for me. One day!
im gonna go an attempt to read Gandhi again. god help me =/

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