Saturday, September 8, 2007

I want a Nintendo DS

i got thru the paper, it was okay okay, as long as i pass, im cool!
After the paper i picked Luc up at OU to go to Cineleisure. I missed so much turnings on the way, so frustrating! damn my cutting skills, i wish i was better at it. ><
When we finally arrived, we headed straight towards the shop, gamer hideout thingy ma place. Luc was gonna buy his nintendo ds! so jealous la. It was baby blue and it was soooooo freakin prettyy! the price was reasonable, as it has so many functions! gah. so jealous.

Imagine that but in a baby blue colour *drools*

Still feeling jealous, we went to lunch. chicken chop, yum, after the lan paper, good yummy food is exactly what i needed! We then went home after eating, i sent luc to the lrt station and headed home sweet home.

Took a nap at 7, and woke up half an hour later thanks to my dad. there goes my nap. i quickly got ready for dinner with sya and siti. we went to secret recipe cuz we were craving for chocolate cake ><


It was so good to see her again after like 4 weeks!


I love Siti's hair


Sya and her heart shaped hot chocolate


I then sent sya to centrepoint to meet up with her assignment partner. There was no place to sit over there! So sya actually bought like a cup of baskin robbin’s ice cream just so we can seat at the booth while we wait for her friend to come! Lol =s

After her friend came, siti and i headed towards her house. She burned me Michael buble’s new album, Call Me Irresponsible *heart*

2moro is gonna be Sunday!~ piles of assignments. =/

Think im gonna go bug my brother to go but a Nintendo ds =D i think the convo is gonna be something like this:

"hey bro, you know what we need around here?"


"A Nintendo DS"


lol! XD


Have a nice day guys!

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