Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Makihiki malahini-who,
Ooh.Hawana wakawakawakaniki pu pu pu,
Wakawakawakaniki pu pu pu!
Im soo happy that just for this very week, im done with assignments and quizzes!

RAYA is in 3 days! ahh can't wait for the food ><
anyways, after studying for my leadership and life skills midterms, i kinda really learned something.. like really learned something.

i read about how some people would just let life happen to them, but a leader make things happen. They create oppurtunities to make a difference.

and i realized, im one of those people who would just let it happen.. whatever life gives, i take..and i just decided I WANNA MAKE THINGS HAPPEN MAN! even though not as a leader, but to do it for myself..

even the other day, siti said that when you concentrate your whole life on one single thing, you pass up other things in life.. i dont wanna make college that one single thing..

i gotta start grabbing the reins of my life!

but, i just don't know how....... im trying to think up something though, but im just gonna do it slowly, step by step... i wanna be happy because i made it happen, not because i was "lucky to be happy"

So right now, the only thing i can think of that makes me happy is photoshopping.. for some random reason.. it makes me happy when i finish photoshopping, its an accomplishment ya know~

it doesnt matter if people hate it, as long as i love it, and im satisfied with it, IM GOOD.

so here are some of the things i made lately.. i went for simple.

haha so i was listening to timbaland's - Apologize, a little too much

I made this for charissa

I made this just today, im kinda proud of this one.

gosh who would have thought, by studying, i could really learn something that can be useful in life? =)

and today, is CHARISSA's birthday soooooooo



we went to ou to celebrate her birthday. i hope u had fun today =)

im gonna enjoy this week to the fullest, cuz next week, is gonna be another hectic week! ><


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