Thursday, August 21, 2008

We laughed indoors.

Its my bro's birthday today, so i baked him a black forest cake cuz he has been bugging me to bake one since his last birthday. because i am such an awesome sister i baked one. and hope he will get me a nintendo ds OR a guitar hero XD hahaha huge possibility k, huge.

i placed a few hearts here and there so it'll look abit gay for him. lols


as for the wedding, both the morning ceremony and dinner went well.
well apart from me tripping over a few times.
my 30 year old cousin brother pushed me down
in front of all his 30 year old frens.
just for the heck of it.
wow, that wasn't embarrassing at all!


my cousin looked amazingly pretty, i was so freakin jealous tau.
so lyke they met at bali, he's amazingly rich, comes from a good family, and quite cute ah. lols
and she's like amazingly rich too, comes from a good family (hahaha mine! chewah =p) and amazingly cute...

like why she so lucky? im happy la, but damn she's lucky.
it assures me that these things are possible.

i think it'll be really cool to be a wedding photographer.
to capture those beautiful moments.
the photographer for the wedding was quite funny la.
i bugged him all day to take my picture. LOL!
mengada, i tau. but hey i wanna be in the pictures too!

at the end of the night, i gathered up a whole lotta courage and told the groom
"take care of my cousin tau"
he was like "hehehe" *sweats*
i only met him like 3 times? we tak tight.
so takut la wanna talk to him.

p/s: i made fish with pasta. and it was good. *bangga* =D

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