Friday, August 29, 2008

on a completely different note......

today was a long and sucky day. we we're suppose to go to the batting cages and use my rm10 coupon at sushi groove. BUT NOPE. dah la i was looking forward to hitting some balls *lol* AND sushi! awesome combo wei.

after the american flyer meeting, i went to get my car... from far i sensed that something was wrong...and then it hit me:


most speechless moment ever, apart from the above sentence la..

there was a HUGE dent on the hood, and something like popped out of it.. that was the first thing that came into my mind. i called isabelle, (SORRY I CALLED YOU OUT OF THE MEETING BABE I DIDNT KNOW WHO ELSE TO CALL CUZ U WERE LIKE THERE AND NEAR AND ALL.. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING, UR SO NICE LA......)
we soon figured out that it was the suspension that gave up, it popped out so hard, the hood shifted, causing a huge dent to it =/

it was nobody's fault, not even mine k!

my dad came, so he can see for himself the damage -_- he sooo doesnt trust me, BUT it wasnt my fault leh ><

thank god it happened in the parking lot. imagine if it happened when i was driving. mati la saya =/

the worst part of the day, it took the tow truck guy 3 FREAKIN HOURS just to get there.... one of the most torturous time of my life... i hate waiting, damn boring leh...

so the whole hitting the balls and eating sushi plan was ruined =(

when i got home, emo kejap then i slept...

so like isabelle, charissa, im kinda ready to get my satria neo red color. kthx. =D

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- l e s l e y* - said...

Oh my goodness!

Yeah good thing you weren't in the car when it happened =/. So is your car all fixed now?

"most speechless moment ever, apart from the above sentence la.."

What do you mean ya? Don't get your sentence...