Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I just wanna hide under a rock

I made a chocolate pie at 1 in the morning cuz it needs to be refrigerated for atleast 8 hours. and because i didnt wanna drive myself crazy and wait all day, i did it at 1 in the morning. and so, i woke up to chocolate.


so like the holidays has been not so fun.
I feel so frustrated all the time and i dont know how to let it all out.
i need a freakin vacation.
i wanna go to the beach, that never fails to calm me down (surprisingly going to the graveyard helps calms me down too, but thats besides the point, anyway)
but thanks to a bunch of idiots who broke into the PD apartment, stole practically everything tv/radio/aircond/furniture?!!! cant go back there anytime soon.. sakit hati betul...
everytime i go there, i'd take the chair out to the balcony and sit there for hours staring at the sea, and sometimes with my best fren, ipod (which another idiot stole) and a sketch book..
those were the freakin days.

adding to that, i miss italy.
thats 2 months of my life that i will never be able to forget.
only god knows when i will be able to go back there.
u meet such wonderful people... and food (don't get me startin')
and in the end u have to leave them behind (and the food)

Harriet, Lisa, Sofia and me
love them to bits!
(OMG I was such a chubby kid. omg geek!)

and oh the boys, the hot boys. oh how hard it was to leave you behind.
i know i talk alot about italy, and one of the coordinators said that we should be careful when we talk about it to your friends, they'll get tired of it and it'll seem like ur bragging to them.
so im sorry guys if it seems like im bragging, its not my intention, its just a huge part of my life.
its kinda hard ya know.
that was the worst yet the bestest time of my life.
for once, i was independent.
sadly i cant do that in my own country.


hmm i wonder when was the last time i rant this much.
i will now leave you with this.


they never fail to make me smile =DD
and apan, im sure ur smilling too =p

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