Saturday, October 25, 2008

Right now, i can hardly breath.

23rd October 2008. Its one of those days that I know I won't ever forget.

perche sara? perche?

well, thanks to my amazingly fast thumb movements on a crappy useless phone keypad, i managed to score myself 2 tix to the premiere of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. oh yeah, premiere baby.

upon seeing an sms from hotlink saying that they're giving out tix for the first 100 people? or something something who replies back to them, will receive tix to the premiere. i didn't think twice, which is odd, cuz i always do. but thanks to me not thinking twice, i scored the tix! WOOOOO! good move sara, ur analytical and evaluative skills will no longer be needed in the future.

23rd October finally came. i took siti along since she was incredibly nice to steal a poster of zac for me. (lol) it was held at pavillion, and we managed to get there on time. i drove in kl for the first time ever and managed to find pavillion. oh yeah, the spirit of hsm was with me (PFFFTTT YEAH WATEVER SARA)

anyways, this thing with hotlink is no joke k, they took the premiere thing amazingly serious. its not like hey here's the tix go enjoy urself, k bye. it was more like:

HEY person who-got-free-tix-to-the-premiere-of-HSM3! come and eat this amazingly delicious food that we have prepared for you and oh do you want to take pictures with the cutout life-size of the hsm cast?

they were really nice. i love hotlink.
guys now you know why you should change to hotlink.

so i ate. alot. hey its free food, come on, and its me. yea u do the math.

one of the potong stim moment ever was when they told us to leave our phones and cameras or any recording devices at a counter. i mean i was already lining up to get into the cinema, i was one of the few first lagi (go figure eh?) i wanted to get good seats k! by the time i checked my stuff, we were wayyy wayyy behind in the line. sigh. but thankfully, in the end we got great seats =D

as i was waiting for the movie to start, it strucked me, OMG IM ONE OF THE FIRST FEW PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD (or malaysia) TO WATCH HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3! and maybe somehow someway, perhaps zac efron, who is on the other side of the world its watching it too at the US premiere. hahahahah and that got me even more excited. =DDDDDDDD

the movie was awesome. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt i kinda thought they focused too much on troy and gabriella, SO lovey dovey k. (urgh i know! the nerve!) and its plot is kinda similar to the previous movies. troy not knowing what he wants, sharpay trying to bring troy and gabby down yada yada......

watever la, i still like it. lols

i got a poster too, teeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeee =D

im so easily pleased. sigh.

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