Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Wanna Main Bunga Api

hey hey, Selamat Hari Raya people!

raya this year has been pretty uneventful for me. it does not feel like raya, at all. on raya, our usual family lunch didnt feel like one cuz my aunty and her family celebrated raya at Port Dickson. so thats like half the crowd gone. so its just us (when i mean us, i mean the usual people i always eat with, kinda thing) well yeah. so by 11.30 a.m (after branch) everyone in the house was falling asleep!

first, it was my grandparents.

then, my dad decided to join them.

and then oh what the heck, i did too!
(damn cool la pic, kinda like sleeping beauty, hahaha)
(cheh konon la)

quite sad la i feel. cuz usually raya is the only time of year my whole family (my dad's side) sits down and eat lunch 2gether. but not this year. balik seremban pun tak. sigh.

but thankfully, the day was kinda saved when raffick and syafiq invited the group over! phew nasib. if not really, raya this year sedih giler.

after naz left, im the only girl in the group.
and according to the boys, im a pimp-tress.
hahaha but its amazing how i can handle their lameness!

and that was it lah.

but the FOOD IS AMAZING! this year i decided to divide and conquer. usually for the past 18 years of my life. i'd just be putting one whole mountain of one dish (like rendang for example) on my plate, and eat as much as i can. and after that, i wont be able to eat all the other stuff cuz im too full for that. and i'd have to wait till dinner to eat something else =/

but this year, i decided to go slow and steady. and because of my brilliant plan, i have managed to eat EVERYTHING yesterday in one meal, and gosh everything taste so soooo much better this year! =D

why haven't i thought about that b4? *smacks forehead*

cuz seriously on raya, u gotta wing it man, it only comes ones a year. so kalau makan, kena makan semua! and because of the slownest and steadiness, i ate 4 meals yest. bangga, bangga ^^

so after this raya week, i really, gotta start working out again =(

im not looking forward to college. who does anyways?


imma take this oppurtunity to apologize to u guys, for any of my wrongdoings. im sorry if iv hurt u in anyway. sincere apologies. we cool now i hope?

k cool.

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