Friday, April 4, 2008


im really bored.. so i tried photo-shopping, but that didnt work..but i kinda like it cuz i posed konon nak emo tapi tak jadi *haha*

im looking forward to the end of the semester which is in a few weeks.. for some reason im not looking forward to finals (no really sara?) 3 papers in 3 days in a row.. how the hells am i suppose to cram dat much?

and i was like browsing around in my comp (because i was bored kan) and i found icons i made based from Advent Children (Final Fantasy) and omg, i realized how obsessed i was with that movie! and i thought Cloud is sooo freaking hot kay! for a freakin cartoon he is AMAZINGLY HOT! with his dreamy eyes and blond hair... arghhh i think im gonna go watch the movie again.. suka <3

kinda hard to see him, but his the one in the 2nd, 4th and 5th icon....

the weekend is finally here, and im hungry again.. i think iv been eating too much lately =(

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