Tuesday, April 22, 2008

and tommorrow will be like any other day.

I'm blessed with such beautiful friends =)

thank you so much, u have no idea how much it means to me.

Charissa, Isabelle and Siti, i love u guys tau tak? <3

its been a rollercoaster day.

its so funny how one simple word (or two) can trigger a tsunami of tears.

im happy i went. because iv never felt so calm and peaceful in such a long time!

free from troubles, a clear mind is what i need. (and, i need to be much more closer to god now.)

sometimes i wonder:

would it be easier if i knew? or would it be even harder?

why wasn't i smart enough to connect the dots?

why didnt i appreciate those moments?

how would it be if u were still here?

i need to realize, theres no use wondering about these things now, because really, there's nothing i can do.

i just worry the memories will fade as time goes by. and theres not much to begin with.

curse u short term memory.

end emoness.

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