Thursday, March 13, 2008


the other day, siti was asking ina's dad how to make chrysanthemum tea (he makes it so lovely)

siti: Uncle, how u make ah?
uncle: some of this and some of that..

uncle: and the secret ingredient, wooseberry
siti: u mean gooseberry?
uncle: no, wooseberry!
siti: hooseberry?
uncle: no no no, wooseberry!
siti: wooseberry? (looks at me)
sara: "wooseberry? he means gooseberry right? brows raised"
uncle: wooseberry
siti: oh okay, gooseberry right?
uncle: no no! wooseberry

after 5 minutes...

siti: ooooooohhhhhhhh woooseberry ok ok

we walked off..

sara: babe wtf is wooseberry?
siti: god knows my friend..

hahaha giler admit defeatt siti! i think uncle dah annoyed sikit!

until 2day, we still do not know wat wooseberry is! googling it didnt work either! it still makes me laugh everytime i think about it! lol ^^

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