Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunburst Music Festival

hello! Sunburst Music Festival.

one word = AMAZING

Thanks to luci, iv got a free ticket! which btw luci thank u soooo freakingly much! worth it giler!

we were there by 1 eventhough gates opens at 2. we got an amazing parking space! we're so lucky to get one sooooo near! by 2.30 the gates still havent open, i was already getting impatient. it was hot and someone kicked accidently kicked a cup of limau ice (which was left abandoned in the middle of the road) at me (who was sitting by the pavement).. so not only was i hot, i was sticky as well.. eww!
finally! the gates open, we went in, the place was huge with 4 seperate stages! huge land and there were selling plenty of merchandises. i wished i had brought more money.. the boys certainly did more shopping than me..

the performances started. and im really liking our local band: One Buck Shot, Pop Shuvit, Gerhana Ska Cinta, etc.. i realized they're prettyy good! hahaha!
so yeah i went crazy with pop shuvit when they played mara bahaya. like omg sara for reals? FOR REALS!

and then, it started to rain really heavily. =/ mood killer betul. we were soaked! so my stickiness was gone, but yeah i was soaked k (thank god i wore black) and funny thing, when Hujan performed, thats when it started to rain. oh the irony~

it rained for quite awhile la.. so we went back and forth to the car to get the umbrella, to keep the cameras in the car and so on.. finally when the rain stopped, and joe flizzow was performing we went out for food (sorry we ditched ur performance joe, we werent the only one though) ahhh that hot kebab tasted so good at that moment. we changed into some dry clothes..thankfully i bought a One Buck Short tshirt which i love <3>

it was really beautiful at night with all the lights

so okay, highlights of the day:

The Roots

I went crazy when they played The Seed. The drummer is amazing!


Surprisingly they were pretty damn good!

John Legend

Like omg he was kinda good la k, but because i have been standing the WHOLE
day, i was kinda wishing he would be done soon. sakit tau kaki! but when he played "I want you" i went like crazy ><>


Incubus: ahhh, I love you, Brandon. I really do wish you were here. I love the energy that the band gave on stage! the blue shot is one of my favs.. and the guitarist actually played this chiness instrument at the end of the show. but because my battery was dead, i wasnt able to capture it. but lets just say, it was beautiful =)

it was a very tiring day! it started from 2pm till 2.30 am! like omg! my feet was in major pain by the end of the day! it was one of the best days ever! filled the day with music music, and oh yeah, music! its hard for me to describe the whole thing with words instead of AMAZING! im really bad at describing things.. for reals..

Winning shot of the day:

hahaha their faces look determined giler! and ganas at the same time.. i think if i put this into some kodak moment competition, boleh menang ni! close up lagi lawak:



-karen- said...

hahahahahaha! luci looks hilarious!

Sara Liyana said...

he looks damnnn determinedd!