Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pocket Full of Sunshine

OMG what's that sound?!

thats the sound of freedom ya'lls (yeah i tau lame)


im so happy, it still hasn't sink in that iv got a whole month of pure nothingness!

semester celebration (as we do after each sem):

this time, its at Bondi Beach at the Curve

it looks like the surfboard is poking my head

charissa loves me, so romantic la <3 hahahaha

amazingly juicy yummy burger. i cant live without meat.

salmon and potatoes something that i cant spell. i love salmon, but when bones are involved, i tend to love it less. but the potato was cheesy and potato-y just the way i likes it =)

we had steak too, but the pic too blur la =(

other random photos:

i like this photo because the lighting was super duper awesome, i didn't even have to edit it

roses are red, and um they're cool

the lights just puts u in a festive mood

sorry charissa sebab lambat for music practice. hope u tak kena marah ><

soooo things to do during the hols:
bake (pavlovas, chocolate fondant, pies, muffins)
go to the freakin beach
shoot (stuff)
exercise (kiara hill anyone?)
and hangs.

sounds good to me =DD

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