Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holidayss bosan sikit la

the holidays are suppose to be fun, but nope! its a freakin bore..... so the things i listed on before, isnt really working out... im either tooo lazy to do it, or.... im just too lazy.. sigh

but iv been messing around with groove armada lately (siti's guitar, yeap she has a name for it)
that's been keeping me occupied..

groovy is on the right, left is just a brush

i wanna do something, but i dont know what..

last saturday, my dad asked me to go melaka with him, to visit the orphanage house that he and his frens are donating too.. i dont wanna say i didnt want too, but really, i didnt wanna go... there, the caretaker was saying how the kids 10-17 years of age only get like rm1.50 a day to spend during recess at school.. but the kids complain that the can drinks are like 1.70 atleast, so the caretaker increased thei allowance to RM2.00 if im not mistaken.. when i heard that, im like OMG! u cant even buy roti canai and limau ice here with RM2.00 kay...... sigh but the visit made me appreciate wat i have more, even though its not much, its something..

depressing la go orphanage =/

on a very very different note, LOOK WAT I FOUNDD?!!


i rock at photoshop.


innessa said...

cool laa the wassup sexy. how'd u add the shadow??

Sara Liyana said...

used the drop shadow option ;)