Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CSI miami is overly dramatic

so speeches are finally over. i cant believe i had to freakin wait 3 and half hours for my turn. kannan the brilliant decided to combine group A's speeches with ours... that's not smart, that's lazy...

but as it got to the this fourth and last speech of the sem, i realize i was more relax and calmed. the only thing that got me paranoid was the i-cant-fill-my-6-mins-requirements thing, not the going up infront of the people part. im kinda happy about that =) cuz as well know really really well, me and speeches, dont go well together! sorry ya kalau i complain alot about it ><

but iv got a feeling that'll only last for a really short time. next sem, no hope la.. sigh =/

good thing is, assignments and speeches are over for this sem! just need to get the two papers over and im free as a bird for 1 month! those from australia are comin back =DD

and great great news! my granparents seems amazingly interested with the whole lets got to the beach thing! cuz my aunt asked them to stay over at her beach house this hols, so i can go too =DD i miss those days. last time the whole entire family (i mean uncles, cousins, distant cousins) all would go to the beach house and it was just a good family time..barbeques and sandcastles and coconuts.. rindu giler! i think we need one of those family bonding time... i hope it happens...

plus, iv tried persuading the guys for a trip, they seem interested =D i hope it happens...

u want something to happen, make it happen sara!

on another note, just got a mail from lisa! finally! erika mailled her asking her to be her host family when she's in australia for the exchange programme.. aww hope all goes well for those two =) habis la erika, kena corrupt by lisa haha

and last but not least,

hope u had and will have a/plenty of wonderful celebrations! wishin u plenty of amazing food, amazing company and amazing days =D
have fun babe, god bless.

love u also ;)

so my post had nothin to do with CSI miami, i just needed a title.. and since i was watching it, why not eh?

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