Friday, February 29, 2008

So, What Did I Miss?

WOOOH! its been a looooonng week! damn last minute assignments! i dont think i'd had a good night sleep at all this past week! finally, podcast: done, business quiz: done, marcom quiz: done! now i'v got a million of other things to do/worry about! grrrr!! =(

weekends pun, going to pack....kot... =(
anyways, this week was siti's birthday!!! WOOOO

(omg, its been such a long time since i've called u that!)

i got her Gordon Ramsay's autobiography cuz she's SO in love with him! (john baptist is still my number one frenchy =D) hope u like it man! just got home from a dinner with her family to celebrate both her birthday and her bro! (happy birthday faii!!!! =DDDD) macam so weird... her WHOLE family + sara.... weird weird!

cute la u guys! ><

and i finally managed to pick up my camera after realizing that its been such a long looongg time since i used it! thanks to siti for doing a little posing here and there =)

the first one is a little tiny but oh well.. its nothing much but its something ahh... i was loving the lighting! i wish i had a proper tripod rather than the itsy tiny one which they gave for free.. it soo does not have any balance! i letak camera, dia jatuh.. useless

im so broke because damn parking coupons are no longer in use... so need to use my own money until they refund it back...

i think i should start reading again. OR doing something useful.

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