Friday, February 15, 2008

Give Peace A Chance, dude.

did u know, a few days ago siti and i went to the kiara park? it was my first time.. it was an attempt to do intercultural assignment which was due the very next day.. u know, get away from home, do work outdoors kinda thing.. it was so obvious that it wasn't gonna happen.. and yeah, it didnt...

but the place is SO BEAUTIFUL! its so cool! plus i had a chance to use my cam which has been collecting dust for quite awhile now... but i didnt get any uhmayzing pictures =(

did u know, there is a waterfall there?

YEAHHAA! (omg, sara is so jakun)

and did u know, there are turtles in the pond? i repeat, TURTLES!

YEAHHAAA (sara enjoys looking at turtles)

and siti, sorry for bugging u about the turtles.......

bunga putih, cantik sungguh!

we should go for a picnic there one day kan?! =DDD

OH did u know, 4 years ago, we tried to promote world peace? yeahh i dug up and found some photos.....



what were YOU doing when u were 14 eh?

picking boogers out ur nose? haha

HAHAHAHA my face look so serious/weird in the first pic.. i repeat yea, this was FOUR YEARS AGO! but i still do want world peace.



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