Sunday, August 23, 2009

So MTV World Stage was amazing!
everything went well, though there were a couple complications here and there, for me atleast.
i honestly never really thought i'd be given such responsibilities during my internship especially with something huge like this.
but by some miracle i managed to get through it.
those blood, tears and sweat was all worth it in the end! and papercuts :'(
imagine not being able to sleep at night because the only thing that's keeping you awake is the thought of "what have i not done?"

skip skip to the concert.

i was lucky enough to not be working, so i was able to enjoy the show in the mosh.
i swear, Doug Robb from Hoobastank is so HENSEM and hot and cute rawr.
for a moment or two i felt he was looking at me *giggles*
YEAH, dream on okay sara?
me and him, we had our moment okay
ahhh i cant stop smiling just thinking of it hahaha

Doug was trying to look for me

I personally enjoyed the show, though i got waayyy too tired during kasabian..
couldnt even enjoy the after party which was such a waste..
imagine being surrounded by beautiful people dressed up the the prim and then there you are, icky and sweaty from work wearing nothing nice but a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and your torn apart puma sneakers. insecure much?

some of you might laugh at the line up, but COME ON MAN
how often do we get that many international artist to perform IN malaysia in one night?
i say be thankful because its not often something like this comes our way, no?

and hey, fingers crossed they'd be able to bring in John Mayer, DCFC, Subways and Jonas Brothers to name a few *cough* in the future (y)

got a picture with Pixie Lott!
she's so amazingly nice and talented!
missed my chance to take pictures with Doug and the rest though

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