Thursday, September 4, 2008


"you can't even get As in college. you can't handle it"

that hit home. real hard.

thanks for reassuring me how stupid and useless i am.

thanks, i appreciate it.


- l e s l e y* - said...

That's so not true... not to mention mean of someone to say that.

Even if someone does get straight 'A's does NOT show that he/she knows everything. 'A's are not an indication of how successful a person will be in the future ;). I think you'll definitely prove this person wrong when you're hugely successful in the future. Successful in the way that you define success, not how other people define it. At that time don't forget me =D! Haha... forget what this person says la, or take it as a challenge to prove him/her wrong =).

- l e s l e y* - said...

Oh btw, I left comments on two of your other posts, hope you have that service where they send you a notification email if you receive a new comment so that you know where my comments are. But in case you don't, I left my two comments on the post bout the Zac Efron poster and the one 'bout your car's suspension ;).