Sunday, July 20, 2008

I hate Hamilton

so i had an interesting dream the other night. i dreamt:

1. Sha came back from Ireland
2. That i was pregnant (wth that screwed me up)
3. Siti said she was moving back to Brunei
4. I was a member of the Pussycat Dolls, but they wouldnt let me perform with them because i was pregnant -_-

and it was all in the same dream! like wth wei... being pregnant was not cool, i woke up and felt my tummy to make sure it wasnt real.. but it sure felt like it was, scary giler! ><

didnt really do anything productive for the past few day. i did trip while i was running up the stairs though. =/

and i baked muffins for my grandma's birthday! and according to her, its one of the best thing i've baked so far. which is a huge compliment considering my grandma is like the ultimate-super-iron-chef-person!

seriously, i fail with presentation ah! but i freakin tried kay! even mengada go buy the hearts (so expensive) the icing i thought was suppose to be darker like dark chocolate kinda dark, but its suppose to turn out that colour. it was still delicious though. the recipe for both the muffin and icing is a keeper!

i wanna buy an external hard disk and a freakin dvd player for this house...


wth? suck giler man! cant watch high school musical the concert...... =( and many other dvds!


i hate hamilton.

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