Friday, June 13, 2008

Bend To Squares

I was browsing through my pictures, because i have so many of them. for reals. my pics alone, is 6.6 GB that's like almost the same as 7-8ish movie files >< style="font-style: italic;">some, but after browsing through, there's really nothing i wanna delete. its like memories ah, those moment that we've captured, we can't get it back.

god knows what will happen if my comp failed on me. the only thing i'd be angry about, are my pics. *touch wood*

here are just a few random pics, which i forgot was on my comp

back when we used to hang at main block when we had 4 hour breaks
isabelle's like "YEAH!"

nampak cool

charissa's winning smile! "colgate, official sponsor" hah

"that's honest to the goodness" for reals yo.

siti's capoeira thingy. i had a blast that day catching moments like this!

gosh my blog damn boring ready kan? i dotn think anybody ever reads it except, u guys. which is like 3 people? sedih giler


jessbabe said...

plus one more here...I read your blog as well!

Sara Liyana said...

ehhh for realss?

nice! =)

Isabelle said...

............. babe. So freaking horrible la the first pic. HAHAHA