Thursday, May 15, 2008

Say It Again

Went to see Marie Digby at OU, it was infront of GAP, which was a very very tiny space. Like seriously, shitz tiny. No idea why they cant do it at the Oval.

She's such an amazing performer! what i love about her was she just played her guitar/piano with her good friend accompanying her and thats it! no back-up bands/singer. Im pretty awed at her talents.

unlucky for us it was shitz packed. so we ended up at the 4th floor, looking down at the tiny stage. sound system sucks, i can barely hear her or see her. so for the whole performance, i only saw the top of her head. -_-

seriously, why cant they have it at a better venue?
the view from the 4th floor, can't see nuts.

There were SO MANY people just flashing their dslrs around. jealous.

Ethan and his fren. Seems like they were trying really hard to concentrate

but, i do admit, it was kinda fun taking pictures of peoples head

That's the best pic i could get of her that night. this was from the 1st floor though. we rushed to hear her sing her last song umbrella, but tak sempat pun. =(

she is soooo beautiful! irish + japanese = Marie Digby. wat a mix!

at first, i was damn malu la, only knew one song from her, Umbrella, and its not even her song! >< style="font-style: italic;">amazing =)

and oh,


yeah we can bake guys! best best!

i baked chocolate chip muffin just now, k k la, recipe tak syok sgt.

and funny thing, shiat and i tried making this potato omelette thing (kinda like rosti, only with egg) its not easy! it took a us a good few hours to make it. however, ms smarty pants shiat here read the recipe wrongly and added 4 teaspoons of salt! (the max for it would be around 3/4 of a teaspoons!!) i was concentrating on dicing the potatoes, so i didnt realize how must salt she added until she told me! im like "SHIAT WHAAAAAAATTT?" hahahahaha guess how it turned out? AMAZINGLY SALTY. reminds me of the sara used 1 cup of salt instead of sugar incident. in the end we had to throw it away ='( sayang k, we used like 8 eggs and 4 potatoes for that. eating a tiny piece of that spoiled my appetite for the whole day and yest. and kinda 2day too.

but its cool ya'll we all make mistakes, like me before. we just laughed it off! lols! so next time, me and shiat decided we'll try making rosti next time =)

isabelle, charissa, Paris Je'Taime is showing again cuz its the French Film Festival. But u guys tak sempat get back so we can go watch it together before they stop showing. aiseh. sad sad.

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